Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thinking about you (After Marriage Edition) :D :D

Here I am, thinking about you,
How come you fooled me, finding the clue.

I asked would you be a part of my life
That time I didn’t know you are a pickpocket and sharp knife

I know I am not a prince charm,
But you were never princes too.

Didn’t thought it would be a mess,
But I really lied, I have to confess.

I loved you too much that you know,
You liked my account too that I know.

Things you want, will give you there,
But could you please let my things scatter here and there?

My heart says it beats because of you, but my mind says it would stop too because of you.

My breath says am alive due to you, But my nose says it can’t bare your smell.

I feel so good when you are not here,
But can’t tell you this, I do not have dare.

You accepted my proposal even I had fear in my eyes,
And now I am afraid of all your spies.

I will keep my fingers crossed,
Until unless I will make you lost.

God wants you to be with me,  
He says I have to face results of my sins.

Keep distance I have fear of flue,
Demon would be many betters then you.

Could you please do me a last favor?
Leave me alone, I need a different flavor.

Am waiting for your answer to start a new life,
I will give you all money as bribe.

Here I am, thinking about you,
How come you fooled me, finding the clue!!!

1 comment:

  1. Hello whom you have written this????

    agar sach nahi bola to kya....teri marziii.....agar dost manta hai to bata dega....nahi to koi baat nahi............

    tc....Have fun