Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Where is the true Love???

It is 11 PM and i just reached at home. I have something in my mind, which i am thinking and noticing from long time. Just read the below written things and try to understand, i hope anyone can analyse.

Suppose a person is in love and talking to his/her partner on phone and suddenly a call comes at cell, which would be at waiting state that time but that guy/girl ignores the call because s/he thinks that his/her parter will not feel bad as they are in flow of chats!!!

Just check the opposite situation one is talking on phone to his/her home and sees a call waiting on the cell of his/her partner. What would be the immediate action? Thar guy/girl will ask to home that one call is on wait and will be calling you just after few minutes. And that few minutes never ends!!!

Just check another situation..A boy talking to his mom and mom who loves her son so much, asking again and again the same thing about food that please eat this and this, do not forget and all. Finally that guy got irritated and started shouting on the mom, that i alone can take care of myself and after shouting cuts the call. And his mood is down now. At the same time he calls his girlfriend and started chats very politely and calmly, now in the last of the call the girlfriend says the same thing about food what his mom was saying But now scenario is different he listens everything and say the same good things for her to have good food. Now his mood is up and he thinks yeah in this world at least 1 girl cares for me.

Now everyone could feel the difference!! I am just wondering which one is the true love?? A mom who has taken care of the child for at least 20 years or a girl to whom he has spent some nice hours!! And what if going ahead that girl dumps the guy?? we always think about the heart of our partner, but what about our parents. Our parents loves us more then we can think. Just feel the meaning of the words written above, i hope i could make some difference.

Can't ignore the happenings by which everyone is surrounded by, Just feel the love in a right direction. Sleeping with the same thought.


  1. This is true man,GF is more than parents ;)...keep writing

  2. you think so...but sometimes it appears as if u do the same..u know what we know what is wrong or right but we still make errors...

  3. girish babu ne bahut hi acha blog likha hai...aap sabhi soch rahe honge ki ek aisa banda(girish) jo net par bahut chat karta tha achanak blog kaise likhne laga with beautful doston...aapne hamare dost ke vichar to jaan hi liye honge..unke blog ab aap log samjh jana next time jab bhi ye aisa bole ki main tujhe 1 min main call karta uska matlab kya hoga....
    vaise dil ka hera hai"Pyar aur jang main sab jayaz hai".......take a chill...