Sunday, December 20, 2009

Journey to home ---- Part 1 :) :D :D

Hey friends literally i don't have words how the exact experience was because i can feel the warmness of it and every time when you feel something so deep in your heart, you can't build it with words ...Same here :)

And the post is quite long, might be boring for you but every time am gonna read this post, i believe i will be lost in this...

So i was going to my home after 7 typical months. Most different and unusual thing about this journey was, i was going to surprise my family.

So i have started my journey at 8AM early Morning. Got into volvo where i was alone running towards airport, actually i was the only passenger in that bus so i started reading a novel. Bus was going towards airport and at next stop a cute looking girl entered at our bus, Overburdened with her luggage. She wanted to put her that huge suitcase at the luggage carrier which was approx 2 feet higher by footpoint. She tried 2 times to pull that suitcase till 2 feet higher but we all know girls and their power, So she failed twice. And finally she looked at me with some hope and i helped her to pull and put her suitcase on the carrier. She gifted me a pretty smile, said thanks and took her seat. As we all know boys, if some girl will give them a pretty smile they will think that girl is fallen is love with them. hehehe...... I stared at her twice and thrice but i didn't got any positive sign or expression at her face, So i thought yaar ladkia aisi hi hoti hai, leave her now.

I again started reading novel. Time went fine, we reached at airport at 10 and then i went to CCD to have something and keep my stomach silent. Then check-in was started, i went for check-in and it was quite awesome to saw that girl again, just in front of me in king-fisher's queue. Yeahh men, We were going to have same flight. I just gave a light comment to her if she need some more help with her suitcase(boys always do) and she gave that pretty smile again.

She got her boarding pass and it was my turn now. That executive asked me if i have some problem with window seat, i said everyone just loves it and i would be pleased if you'll give me that. He told me that not everyone loves it, that previous girl(Same girl) had refused it. I thought she might be scared of seeing at earth from that much hight but whatever!!! i am not gonna have any talk with her now.
Now everyone have to wait till boarding to get started, i saw her there sitting idle on the chair, i ignored her and set on a chair quite far from her and started doing some crap work on laptop. After some time boarding started, i purchased some chocolates from a shop and went to get boarded. In between all of this she was lost somewhere. Finally i entered into Kingfisher-3219, Kind air hostess told me where my seat was and i was all set at my favorite window seat. I was seeing all incoming passengers ans just having a thought who will be my neighbour. I wished to god for few people(obviously girls) to make them my neighbour while they were entering into flight but my bad luck all of those passed away.
All of a sudden i saw a black,fat,bad looking girl and i started praying strongly to god, hey god please don't let her be, don't let her be , don't let her be my neighbour. But destiny never changes, She was confidently coming towards my row and bullshit men, she set beside me, So no more expectations now, i started looking out of window(at least i had window, was happy about it).

If fortune knocks your door when you are hopeless, you can't describe that feeling, Same happened to me. I saw that pretty girl again, entering in, she was looking quite fresh(might washed her face, and so she was lost) and what is this man, she was coming towards our row only, i though she might got third seat. And i made a picture, Me at first seat, she at third and that black,fat girl in between us....ohhh what the crap yaaar. But actual twist came up, when she said that black,fat girl that if she was sure that she have same seat. That black girl checked her boarding pass again and ooops there was a mistake, mistakenly she set at forth row, she was in third row middle seat. Now she have to leave this seat for that pretty girl and happened the same. Now picture was changed me at window seat and that pretty girl was my neighbour. My cheeks were blushing, i was happy and i thought - No one can change your destiny, you are gonna get a good journey, my heart was doing balle balle.

Now i had to start the talk, i offered her if she wanted to sit at window seat. She said NO, i am afraid of hight and we started talking each other. All of a sudden another twist happened, a foreigner lady interrupted us and asked me if i was sure that i had the same seat, i confidently told her "YES" and she went back to air hostess. Now I checked my boarding pass again just to confirm about seat but what the f**k yaar, i did the same mistake as black lady. I was at the 3rd row,window seat(again i had to sit with that fat lady).....I again thought - No one can change your destiny and suddenly i laughed at myself. Now it was all set for everyone, i was sitting with that fat girl and that foreigner lady was sitting with that pretty girl. My sweet dreams were broken and destiny just played with me. And after that i had a silent journey, i thought to have some talk with that pretty girl after landing. At 2:30 flight got landed, all passengers came at air-port and she was missing. I waited for 10 more mins to have a good sight but she was disappeared and all over......... :( :(

You Can't Help Your Destiny :)

Friday, December 4, 2009


Some people find it interesting, some may find it quite horrible....But no one knows the future...

Predictions...Assumptions....Belief.....What's going to happen....will we be alive???...ohh Men my brain gonna blast....

Human...the sharpest creature on the earth, we started our journey when we didn't know what the bloody hell is this place, what we are, why we are, who we are....and brain which always digs around and learning is the best practice. we learnt how to live, how to survive, how to rule and how to destroy. We are in 21st century, the world of engineering, the world of technologies. we know all the fatal's which we have seen but what about those which are unseen....Here comes nature.

We don't know what gonna happen just after a single second, So human became proactive and after opening the pages of our past...this is the time to turn on the future...

We don't know what we don't know!!!!!!!!

21 Dec, 2012........End of World.....The DooM's Day....The Judgement Day.

Mayan calendar ends at 21st Dec 2012, which is the longest aged one and the age is 5125 years and they tried to make it further but every process got failed. So???? if calenders are not there can't we live?

Some organization says sun gonna be our enemy, some says some thing gonna hit earth, some says war may take place......but anyhow it is gonna happen and we all gonna die..

So now...As we all gonna die what should we do???

some will do suicide that we don't wanna see that day....faces would be scary....time would be critical....and no one knows what we may do to escape.

But who knows..we may not die, we'll stay alive happily as we are doing.

I remember a Hindi quote -- " Chinta akal ko kha jati hai..."
So not to take "chinta" :) ......

Hope is the best thing which could never die...and expectations never ends. without life nothing would be interesting on the earth, So stay here guys...our life just started and let's have a party on the doom's day.....

I always think we should not care what is going to happen, just think what is happening and so enjoy the time what we have, don't waste by thinking why we'll loose it.

And finally Marna to sabi ko hai yaaro....chahe 2012 ho ya 2021.....So jio jee bhar ke.....

Jindagi teri talash muje aaj bhi hai,
Har lamha jo tune dia, gumaan uspe aaj bhi hai
lagta nhi kabi marne se darr,
bayaan karu kaise teri chahat ko,dil me basa ye arma aaj bhi hai
jindagi tera bharosa nhi muje,
par jeeta hu tuje ye aitbaar muje aaj bhi hai.
Buss chhod na dun jeena kahi marne se pehele,
khawabo ka kaarwaa mere pass aaj bhi hai.
Ant nhi nikat sabka itna,
Ae khuda tujpe itna vishvaas aaj bhi hai.

:) .....hehehe...pata ni kya likha hai upar...Samajh me nhi aa raha hai..agr samajh aae to muje b samjhana.....
Gud night :D