Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sometimes i wish...

Well this poem is written for my grandma who is no more with us for more then a year now. Sometimes missing someone makes them realize the true value of a person. 

Sometimes i wish...
You were never gone
So far from this world
Giving tears in so many eyes
Making them alone forever

Sometimes i wish...
You were still here
Laughing with all of us in good times and bad
Scolding us with love as the way you used to do
Telling me how much you love to me

Sometimes i wish...
I could show the girl i chosen
The one you always asked me for
And can see shine in your eyes
And a proudy yes to approve the girl

Sometimes i wish...
To feel you back in life for real
And not just in dreams you come
To talk with you for hours and hours
To feel the love you gave us your whole life

Sometimes i wish...
That i could speak to you for one more time
Just one last time
To hug you tight and take blessings from you
To tell you how much i love you
And how much you meant to me

Sometimes i wish...
I could roll time back
Not for good things
Not for bad things
But just for you.
Just for you.

Friday, December 14, 2012

जिंदगी |

आज बैठ कर सोचा की जिंदगी क्या है
चंद कागज के टुकडों के लिए दिन रात खटकना
या फिर किसी की याद में हर समय तड़पना
किसी के प्यार को पानी की ख्वाइश
या अपने मुक्कद्दर को दिन भर परखना

किसी की लिए किसी की किलकारी
किसी के लिए बस दाना और पानी
कोई बन बैठा है सरताज जिंदगी का
तो कहीं कोई है मोहताज़ जिंदगी का

कहीं चमचमाती हुई अय्य्याश जिंदगी
कहीं भूखी बिलखती अधनंगी जिंदगी
लक्ष्यहीन सी चलती उदास जिंदगी
चुलबुले पलों वाली बदमाश जिंदगी

ले चल कहीं उदा के जहाँ जी सकू तुझे
कुछ खोने के दर से रो सकू जहाँ
दुनिया क हर शख्स से होकर बेखबर
पानी की लहेरो से मिल सकू जहाँ

ना शिकायत हो जहाँ किसी से
ना किसी को कुछ देने की आशाए
बस ले चल कहीं उदा के जहाँ जी सकू तुझे
ए सुनहरे पंखो वाली अनजान जिंदगी ।।

Saturday, September 15, 2012

जाम का अहसास |

हर जाम के साथ याद जो तेरी आती है
हँसते हुए चेहरे को तनहा कर जाती है
दिल को हलक तक खींच कर 
हर धड़कन का अहसास करा जाती है

कभी सूने चेहरे को हँसा जाती है
कभी खुशिओ में भी रुला जाती है
कभी जाम का स्वाद भुला जाती है
कभी आम को भी कड़वा बना जाती है

कभी ख्वाबों में सजाई थी जिनकी तस्वीर
छुप के उसी तस्वीर को आज निहारा करते हैं
आ जाए अगर वो सामने फिर से 
ना जाने क्यों हम उनसे किनारा करते हैं

कहेते हैं किस्मत वाले वो जिन्हें
प्यार नसीब होता है
नसीब तो उनका होता है
जिनका प्यार उनके करीब होता है

यूँ ही उम्र निकल जाएगी उनकी यादो में 
कुछ अधूरे सपनों और अध्पले  अहसासों में 
निकलेगी हर रात अब
यूँ ही जाम ले हाथो में...यूँ ही जाम ले हाथो में ||

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Never be in love!!!

When each breath is too heavy to take
When each beat in your heart gives you unbearable pain
When you get endless tears even when you smile
when you start crying suddenly with just a memory of someone
when you can sit alone for hours and days
when all you can think about is her
When death looks simpler then being not with her
When you start believing that god doesn't exist

You are in deep love with some one

All you want is happiness for her
All you want to be with her
All you want to live your life for her
All you want is the love of you life


All you can have are endless nights
Just few memories of the time you spent together
All you can have is to live in this fake world
With the one you never loved and without the one you loved

Just do everything in life... Just never be in Love!! Never be!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Love you...

Each day i open my eyes
Each day i close my eyes
All i can think about is you
In each blink of my eyes
All i can see is you...Smiling at me as you always do

I wanna make you happy
I wanna make you feel the love of you life
Which will never fade
Doesn't matter how old you grow, or how old i grow

Sometimes in life you might feel a little space between us
A little shout or a little fight
I could be wrong sometimes
Or you could also be

But all i know is you love me and i love you
You trust me and i trust you
And so nothing in this world will keep us apart
Even there is, i know we will shut that off

Even though there is nothing in this world that lasts forever
But there is love which breaks the chain
A lots of love for you my dear
A lots of love for you

I love you and will always do ...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Missing you :(

There are times when i miss you a lot
I remember all the time i spent with you
When i close my eyes and see you face smiling at me
Afraid of opening my eyes as i know you would not be there

If you think i don't love you
Or i don't have time for you
Someday when no is around
Meet my pillow which carries a lot of secrets

I ran for you, I fought for you
And finally when i reached to you
All i saw is your back
Saying me a little word "BYE"

Even though i smile a lot
Sometimes my heart aches too
Even though i never complain anything
But i could have complains too

I wish you were here to talk with me
To understand me, To make me stop crying
To hug me and Make me feel
That you will never leave me alone EVER!! :(

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year :)

Years come and years go
short spans of time lined in row
one ends and another begins
All we do is look back and see what went wrong
Keep new resolutions for another year

As life goes on with seconds and breaths
All we know we have today...
to live to celebrate to fall in love to cheer
to earn to spend to fight to hate to cry

May you live all of your today with all you want today for another year and year
Happy New Year to all my readers and friends. Keep smiling and stay tuned.