Sunday, February 12, 2012

Missing you :(

There are times when i miss you a lot
I remember all the time i spent with you
When i close my eyes and see you face smiling at me
Afraid of opening my eyes as i know you would not be there

If you think i don't love you
Or i don't have time for you
Someday when no is around
Meet my pillow which carries a lot of secrets

I ran for you, I fought for you
And finally when i reached to you
All i saw is your back
Saying me a little word "BYE"

Even though i smile a lot
Sometimes my heart aches too
Even though i never complain anything
But i could have complains too

I wish you were here to talk with me
To understand me, To make me stop crying
To hug me and Make me feel
That you will never leave me alone EVER!! :(


  1. somethin missin! you started off well, but in due course the poem jumped a few narrative sequence. Nice attempt though could have better linked with each preceding para(read expressions).