Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thinking about you (After Marriage Edition) :D :D

Here I am, thinking about you,
How come you fooled me, finding the clue.

I asked would you be a part of my life
That time I didn’t know you are a pickpocket and sharp knife

I know I am not a prince charm,
But you were never princes too.

Didn’t thought it would be a mess,
But I really lied, I have to confess.

I loved you too much that you know,
You liked my account too that I know.

Things you want, will give you there,
But could you please let my things scatter here and there?

My heart says it beats because of you, but my mind says it would stop too because of you.

My breath says am alive due to you, But my nose says it can’t bare your smell.

I feel so good when you are not here,
But can’t tell you this, I do not have dare.

You accepted my proposal even I had fear in my eyes,
And now I am afraid of all your spies.

I will keep my fingers crossed,
Until unless I will make you lost.

God wants you to be with me,  
He says I have to face results of my sins.

Keep distance I have fear of flue,
Demon would be many betters then you.

Could you please do me a last favor?
Leave me alone, I need a different flavor.

Am waiting for your answer to start a new life,
I will give you all money as bribe.

Here I am, thinking about you,
How come you fooled me, finding the clue!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Agony of life :(

We all can see the disparity between India and other English countries. The difference in ethnicity, work, maturity, development, growth and intensification.

Few time back i was thinking why we are lacking and why we are so lethargic(Indians are indolent). If you evaluate the the man power, no one could ever dare to even stand against us. The only difference is lack of desperation, dedication, concentration and energy. We are misplacing it!! And why?? No one bothers about it :)

I am working in a multinational company, where i need to communicate with US guys and need to work accordingly. And somehow a little obsession always shoots my intellect that creates a bigger difference in the picture of performance and that is encouragement, appreciation and quality to adore someone's work. A man went to US for few days and his work delivery got doubled, now he was ready to accept any work any time with a real smile. What made him that brand, vigorous and full of life.

The thing which i noticed and that man noticed was the appreciation which he received for his each and every activity. While working if you get few good words that esteems your work, admire your efforts and make you think that you are really doing good work and keep the good work up. Those few words will make you do more work with more devotion and desperation. Because the more you work, people will adore you more and that's what a human being is "GREEDY". It will fill you with energy. Just two positive encouraging  appreciative words!!!

One of my female friend working at a massive giant of IT sector, She works for at least 8 hours a day (Here i am talking about hour she works, not how many hour she stays in office) and At the end of the day her manager says hey you didn't do this one and you have to complete this one also, take this work also. Hey Man!! we are human, not machine!! How she will accumulate more liveliness to execute more work while she knows the criticism would be on its way by the superior. And here comes the INDIA!!! Outcome is straight, she is doing work because company is paying for that, not because she wish to do. If her manager will appreciate her work even a single time a day, i know the variation would be huge or more then that!

It takes only a moment to appreciate or adore someone's work but it really makes a significant difference in the quality and quantity of the work.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thinking about you.... Valentines day Spl!!!

Here I am, thinking about you,
Dreaming some dream to come true.

Would you be a part of my life,
Am asking would you be my wife?

I know I am not a prince charm,
But I will always keep you warm.

Don’t think it will be a mess,
I will just fill it by happiness.

I love you too much that you know,
You like me too that I know.

All the thing you want, will give you there,
The only thing I want is little bit care.

My heart says it beats because of you,
My breathe says am alive due to you.

I feel so weak when you are not here,
I always miss you because I really do care.

Accept my proposal I’ve fear in my eyes,
Deny will bring some tear with my cries.

I will keep my fingers crossed,
Until unless you change your thoughts.

God wants you to be with me,
I am proposing you by sitting on knee.

Could you convert this ‘I’ and ‘you’ in ‘WE’,
Angel is standing here in front of me.

Am waiting for your answer to start a new life,
It would be most lovable to have you as my wife.

Here I am, thinking about you,
Dreaming some dream to come true!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Where is the true Love???

It is 11 PM and i just reached at home. I have something in my mind, which i am thinking and noticing from long time. Just read the below written things and try to understand, i hope anyone can analyse.

Suppose a person is in love and talking to his/her partner on phone and suddenly a call comes at cell, which would be at waiting state that time but that guy/girl ignores the call because s/he thinks that his/her parter will not feel bad as they are in flow of chats!!!

Just check the opposite situation one is talking on phone to his/her home and sees a call waiting on the cell of his/her partner. What would be the immediate action? Thar guy/girl will ask to home that one call is on wait and will be calling you just after few minutes. And that few minutes never ends!!!

Just check another situation..A boy talking to his mom and mom who loves her son so much, asking again and again the same thing about food that please eat this and this, do not forget and all. Finally that guy got irritated and started shouting on the mom, that i alone can take care of myself and after shouting cuts the call. And his mood is down now. At the same time he calls his girlfriend and started chats very politely and calmly, now in the last of the call the girlfriend says the same thing about food what his mom was saying But now scenario is different he listens everything and say the same good things for her to have good food. Now his mood is up and he thinks yeah in this world at least 1 girl cares for me.

Now everyone could feel the difference!! I am just wondering which one is the true love?? A mom who has taken care of the child for at least 20 years or a girl to whom he has spent some nice hours!! And what if going ahead that girl dumps the guy?? we always think about the heart of our partner, but what about our parents. Our parents loves us more then we can think. Just feel the meaning of the words written above, i hope i could make some difference.

Can't ignore the happenings by which everyone is surrounded by, Just feel the love in a right direction. Sleeping with the same thought.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The season of "LOVE" ;-)

February is starting tomorrow. The season of love, to spread the fragrance of romance, to spread the energy, to remove the distances and to wake up the slept love after marriage. It may bring you the remembrance of old days or it may just make your days to be remembered always. Even after reading above few lines you might got some picture or a series of pictures, if you were ever fallen in love(Doesn't matter one sided or both sided, love is love). The month got a special place for couples,lovers and love seekers :)

Don't know how many hearts are going to be hurt and how many going to be merged. Love has its own place for opposite sex(even for same sex also,now a days). Love is blind.

This amazing,unforgettable,fragrance filled,enjoyable and most adorable feeling is the topic which could have an endless discussion. Some people call it attraction, some calls it LOVE and some even don't believe on it!!! If some one says i can't live without you, so what does this meant?? I could bring stars for you, what does this meant?? This meant that someone is there who cares for you and could have endless pain if you are not there, Even though time is the greatest healer!

Those who are in love can't see the world, it makes them mad and this is the feeling they want to enjoy. It brings desperation, inspiration and desire to live the life.

Love is not a patented word used to define the couples, it is a shore-less sea. Someone loves his dad,grandma or profession or anything in this world or out of this world. It has no limit, no reasons, no parameters and no explanations. I love my all readers, Even if i don't know them :)

The most important thing is if you love some one, just tell them. It doesn't matter that person is your dad or your sister or your friend. It don't need to be expressed always but sometimes it do.

Some people say why we need a single day or week to express love? Agree, but this is not the time to express love or to feel it. It is the time you make you remember, to give you some extra energy for the feeling which you are leaving behind in the race of life.

Wishing you all a very happy season of LOVE. May you all get your loved ones :)