Monday, September 13, 2010

Where is my home?

I am a women.

In my early age I always felt very happy for being worshipped at each of the occasion. Everyone told that women is equal to goddess. Getting so many gifts on different festivals always made me proud on being a women. And then with time I started getting older. Then my parents started asking me for each and everything i do that don't do it in this way, don't go out, don't wear this and that. None told none of these things to my brother, even my mother supported them. First time in my life I felt weak. I never thought it but i adjusted somehow. I was just thinking when i will get that freedom. Freedom of thoughts, freedom of doing things which i want to do, FREEDOM!
Time fled and I completed my college with one of girls college. I wanted to go out for job but none in my family supported. They told do whatever you want to do, do that after your marriage. They were trying to make me understand that this is not your HOME.
And the biggest day of my life came, got married. I was very excited that here the real life starts. I will do whatever I want to, I will wear whatever I like. Just after marriage first day i woke up little late and someone told me you should do like this, This is not your HOME. Then one day i wore jeans and everyone was just staring at me. I thought at least my husband will appreciate me or support me.Nothing happened. Whenever i tried doing something new everyone just told me that its not my home.

Everyone respected me but in actual none respected ME!

Sitting in my room i am just confused...Where is my home?