Friday, September 30, 2011 review

Received a call from letsbuy and expressed deep apologies and said they are working on these kind of issues.
I ordered hard disk and it came to me within 3 days. :)

Hi Friends,

This blog was not originally started for any kind of product or service review but recently i had an exclusive experience which forced me to write this review.

letsbuy providing a whole lot of discounts which attracts customer soon. So i was attracted to the deal to camera nikon d3100. Even after reading a lot of negative review's about letsbuy somehow i dared to place an order and take risk.

I ordered nikon d3100 from letsbuy,com on 20th sept 2011 got a good discount and a lots of free things. The order was dispatched on 21st sept by safe-express courier and i thought i should reach to me by 24th of sept as letsbuy say they will deliver it within 2-4 days. When i did not receive the product i called letsbuy customer care (which is the worst  customer care by the way ) and they told me that one of the free item tripod was missing in the package so they are sending it with another courier and the original courier i would receive by EOD which didn't happen.

On 27th i received tripod which was the free item but still the main item (shipped on 21st) was missing and i had no idea where it is. I called customer care and they said i would receive it by EOD if not they will escalate it to logistic department. I waited whole day and i was supposed to get a call from letsbuy which didn't happen anyway. I twittered, updated on facebook even sent mail with whole information to and to let them know the issue. But no one replied.

On 28th i called them again in the morning and a girl named mansi said i would be receiving my product by EOD by anyhow. No updates on this till eve and i had to call them again as letsbuy people will never ever call you, they might give miss call to you though!! Call was picked up by another girl named reshma and she gave me a lot of excuses without even knowing what exactly going on with the product. When i asked to talk to supervisor i was put on hold for 20 mins and i had to cut the call because i wasn't seeing a silver line there.

I called customercare again in morning of 29th which was the 8th day since the order was shipped and i don't know where it was, this time someone named nitin picked my call after a lot of arguments finally he made me talk to his supervisor named Amit ( i am not sure he was the real supervisor), Amit promised me that the issue has already been escalated to logistics team and by EOD i would receive my product.

I think all the customer care executive in letsbuy are being told that they have to tell the customer that customer would receive the product EOD, without even knowing what is happening with the product and when  it is going to get delivered actually.

Anyway i didn't had faith in the promises of letsbuy that they are going to deliver it by EOD of 29th, as they promised me the same thing on 27th and 28th also. Finally i started tracking the courier by myself. i called 10-11 times to the Bangalore office of safe-express but no one picked my call. I called head office of safe express for karnataka and he was a nice guy who picked my call, gave me cell number of the responsible person and his manager's too in case he don't respond!.

I talked with that guy which was again a nice guy and tracked my shipment for me immediately and told that it is already out for delivery and stuck because the vehicle is punctured.  I asked him if someone from letsbuy followed up on this product with safe-express??? And ans was NO!!  So that kind of service letsbuy provide, they never did any followup and made all false promised or just can say fooled their customer.

In between i checked the status of my shipment in safe-express site and it was as follows -

Now here i am not able to understand why it was updated as Delivery attempt unsuccessful where i was available whole day and i didn't even got a single call!!!

I spent more then rs 100 in calling letsbuy!!. Anyway finally i asked safe-express that i myself will pick the product you just tell me where it is, and so i picked it by myself and received the product.

It was a very irritating, frustrating experience for me to shop on letsbuy. whose customer care is very irresponsible and they don't care what their customer think about them. You just search on the internet and it is full of such experience from letsbuy.

Anyway letsbuy is good as it provides good discount and good deals but only if you can take such above pain and if you can follow up with them on each stage. If you are daring enough to get headache for your product you are welcome to letsbuy :)

Otherwise lets not try letsbuy ( Specially expensive products).!!!