Thursday, August 30, 2012

Never be in love!!!

When each breath is too heavy to take
When each beat in your heart gives you unbearable pain
When you get endless tears even when you smile
when you start crying suddenly with just a memory of someone
when you can sit alone for hours and days
when all you can think about is her
When death looks simpler then being not with her
When you start believing that god doesn't exist

You are in deep love with some one

All you want is happiness for her
All you want to be with her
All you want to live your life for her
All you want is the love of you life


All you can have are endless nights
Just few memories of the time you spent together
All you can have is to live in this fake world
With the one you never loved and without the one you loved

Just do everything in life... Just never be in Love!! Never be!!