Saturday, March 27, 2010

I wanna go....

I wanna go there where are no dreams to dream
Everything is planned an you have to act like a machine

I wanna go there where is no trust and no care
Whatever get break anyone could repair

I wanna go there where is no word like expectation
And for getting release of your tension you don’t need meditation

I wanna go there where is no happiness and no sorrows
You don't have anyone with you, not even your shadows

I wanna go there where you don't have any freedom don't have any passion
You won’t get hurt and you won’t have any expression

I wanna go there where are no smiles and no tears
No one have enemies and no one have dears

I wanna go there where no one can see your tear
You can weep easily and no one comes near

I wanna go there where you don't need any hug you don't need any love
And life would be a straight road without any curve

I wanna go there where you really don’t have any relation
I think that place would be God's most beautiful creation

I accept I am defeated by my life and wanna go out of here
But I am bounded with all above things and I can’t do dare

I see here & there and feel everything is fake
Feelings, happiness and smiles are just for sake

Still i am running in lives race; don't know what I am and what I am doing
Alone in this world with worthless emotions my life is going and going

Monday, March 22, 2010

Feel my feelings....

Every time you break my heart
I think my emotions have really now worth
I wanna dry my tears with dirt
And feel you are the only one i loved since my birth

I never believed in love before i met you
But you changed my thoughts that i bet you
You filled my life with so many dreams
And with out you my life has really no means

You hurt me when i have so much to say
Feelings are by heart but every-time my eyes have to pay
Every-time you go out of my reach
I think life got so many lessons which it is trying to teach
And i feel stronger in my heart
And i decide i will not give-up until unless to be loved

One day will come full of sunshine
That day you will accept me and become mine
Am waiting for that with open eyes
Waiting for my number in gods dice
Feel my feelings which are on extreme
Sleeping with wet eyes and keeping the dream

Thursday, March 18, 2010

You are in my soul....

Lying on the bed I am thinking about you
I close my eyes and you are there in blue
I can’t sleep I can’t eat and I can’t even think
What did you do me give me some clue

Every time I see you’re smiling face
It just fills my day with colors and grace
You are there in my messenger; I can’t tell how eagerly I wait for you
And when I chat with you, No matter how much work I have to do
I wanna keep chat for hours and hours, days and days
No matter my manager throwing me in invisible bays

That is you for whom god gifted me this life
If you’ll love me that would be my lives pride
I keep calling you everyday every night and you don’t pick my call for even saying Hi
I wait till whiteness is completely covered by black
You never call me back or message me and everything goes DRY
It brings me few tears and makes my soul cry

After long time you give me a call and say formally Hi
I still feel happy and keep listening to you
But deep in my heart I wanna say it hurts my heart
My feeling making me mad and my body is restless and am slowly moving towards die
I called you today I called you yesterday and you didn’t even reply
Before I start cry I have decided it was my last try

You are in my soul I can’t even lie
You are in my soul I can’t even die
Lying on the bed I am thinking about you
I close my eyes and you are there in blue

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

LIE....The Ultimate Truth !!

Often we complain why people don’t converse truth. Anytime someone speaks anything to me, you or anyone. Definitely listener's anticipation is everything should be truth. If I say exactly, it’s not possible.

And explanation is simple “None Dares To Speak Truth!!!”

Here you are reading this post; I don’t know what exactly you are thinking about it. Whatever is that is exactly the only truth which never comes out. You may admire this post or any other one in front of me or in the comment area but actually you may think why the hell this guy write all this bull shit and asks us again and again to go through it :(

We have so many friends, we meet so many people around and we talk with everyone. Every time we speak with anyone it won't be the truth, every-time it won't be lie too but it must be having some shade of it.

A guy talking to his girlfriend, Mom's call waiting on cell, Guy picks the call and says he was talking to his friend. If he speaks truth, he is gone.

A Girl talking to her Boyfriend another cell rings and Boyfriend2 is on line. The question being asked to girl was- were you busy honey? Reply- No I was thinking about you. If she speaks truth, she is gone.

A manager comes to a guy and questions have you completed you work? Answer- About to complete. Guy thinks I didn't even start it yet. If he speaks truth, he is gone.

A guy loves a girl and girl doesn’t believe in such foolish things. One fine day girl asks she heard some roamers all around that people are treating them as girlfriend and boyfriend!!! Do you think the same? Guy who has the same feeling in deep heart but refuses it and says No, I think we are better being good friends. He knows if he speaks truth, he is gone. Girl says - Yeah I knew it, at least you understand me :)

Why people speak so much of lie??

They LIE to make things healthier. They LIE to make things smoother. They LIE to live. They LIE to make everything possible what they want to make. They LIE to achieve things. They LIE because they are not selfish. This is the "LIE" which is running this cruel world. This is the "LIE" which made things beautiful.

You might be thinking I am wrong but deep in you own heart you can see an image of a liar [please correct me if I am wrong] the world can’t go without LIE's.

Many would not agree to support above thought. I know it. If you don’t support it, just spend one day without speaking even a single lie. Just speak whatever hits your mind first towards anything to anyone and that would be the truth. And I can bet with you either you have to be speechless whole day or you will never dare to speak truth.

What i see is LIE is sometimes better then truth. I don’t know weather it is my negativity which always pulls me towards LIE or it is the positivity lies under LIE.

I know LIE is not good and Truth is the ultimate thing, which needs dare to speak and face. If you got the dare just speak it.

I don't speak much of LIE. But I know one day I will speak only truth to all my loved once. What I have in my heart. Just gathering the positive energy for that....

But guys I am not a liar :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Worthless Emotions... :( :(

Another post....reasonably emotive...But contains bottomless factual sense.....

Few days back I received a forwarded mail which brought couple of tears in my eyes [As am emotional, it happens usually]

The mail was very sensible towards life. Where a man bought a new Ferrari, parked it at his home and everyone in his family was very happy about it, especially his 10 years old daughter. Next Sunday morning when he was washing his car, he noticed his daughter was doing something on the bonnet. He went there and saw she was scratching on it with a sharp rock. In a single moment man became so heated and slapped her very hardly 2-3 times. She started crying and went inside the home. Next day she was suffering from fever and required to be hospitalized. While taking her to hospital, he just noticed scratches made by her on the bonnet. And what she was trying to do was to write "I LOVE YOU DAD"...His head was spinning and heart was paining. But he didn't know why he became so angry that time!! Don't know what much is worthy.

Few days back one of my closest friends came at Bangalore for some official purpose and stayed with me. Days with him were quite good. I have an earphone which came as free with my laptop, in actual costs Rs 850. That is my favourite one and I just love the harmony comes out of it and the 'BASS' it produces. It gives me a different feeling whenever I use that one. Or in simple words I just LOVE that. One fine morning he asked me weather he can use it with his cell and I happily replied - yes you can. He took it to his office. When he returned from the office, he asked me he need to tell me something but I have to make sure first that I will not be angry OR will not ask anything to him. I assured him the same and he told that he just lost rubber cover [which fits outs in the ears] for one of the speaker somewhere. A short and sudden anger came up in my mind but next second I thought why I am getting so angry on this small thing. It won't cost me more than 5 or 10 Rs OR any how not more then my friendship with him. A smile came up at my face and I said not a problem man I have more sphere once.

A guy sitting in the cafe with one of his close female friend, Chatting, gossiping and kidding on different things. Eating tasty things to keep stomach and Tung silent. The girl bought some chips and was not ready to share that. Guy asked 2-3 times but she suggested to go and buy another one for own self. An idea came in the mind; guy took her phone and asked for ransom as chips to return the phone back. As she loves her phone too much, she will easily share chips now. INSTEAD the expectations, she said to give the phone back to her. Twice the time guy said no phone until unless chips are there for me. And the third time he noticed some different face expressions at her face and felt anger is coming. Before any explosion comes he returned the phone quickly. And after returning the phone he was thinking, if he had kept the phone for two more seconds definitely something was going to happen here. Question came in mind was what was worthy? And yes definitely he will not pick her phone again!! :( At least till the time he remembers those face expressions and anger in those eyes.

All three examples say the only thing and that is worthiness of emotions. People doing the same everyday in different ways with different people and never realize but the sufferer remember it always. Especially if sufferer is emotional, You just spoiled your relation, You are gone. In simple words 'IT HURTS'.

The post gives a simple message, just feel it. Things are not that worthy as RELATIONS, PEOPLE and EMOTIONS, Reason is simple you can buy things again. 


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dil to bachha hai ji --- Happy Holi

Well its Sunday today But don't know what’s exceptional is today I woke up at 9 AM (Which is very odd) and unaccompanied at the room. Just lying at the bed, having a closer look at the wretched situation of the room and a rapid thought which ignited the force, made faster the body is Lets make the room spotless today. I took the broom and after putting a great effort it seems pretty good. I could see lots of died cockroaches finally taking their place to the dustbin, May god bless their soul. Still I sense something is missing ;)...So finally I took mop and wiped the whole flat and yeah....this is what hard work results, its better now. It is time to take bath.

Well Well Well its Sunday today  and I can take as much time as I want while bathing so lets take shower today with all fun of shampoos and pears :D And if I have done this much then what’s wrong with doing POOJA as well? It took me 20 minutes to give a try to make the God happy. After this superb schedule which came after so much of time period its time to take some rest now (I am fatal tired).

Again a sudden thought which fills the body with energy is that I have not deposited our electricity bill yet :( last date was yesterday and they may cut your light any time. So getup lets go and deposit the bill first. Well today the air is fresh and I can feel a new energy in me and looking at the wardrobe what to wear and I can see damm new jeans untouched. How can I do this with the jeans, it is untouched??...Lets give it a opening :) And yeah we are geared up now. Take your wallet; Keep your phone and o yes do not forget to take your new iPod as way is long and your have to walk. And harmony starts.

Finally paid my Vodafone bill as well as bill for electricity, God knows what does gonna come to pass with the light now. An incoming call at my phone, One of my college friend is calling, asked me lets meet at CCD in 10 minutes, All friends are there only and we will have a gossip gathering. CCD is the place where we generally meet. Hmmm...So it gonna go a good day today :)

With a musical walk reaching to CCD with a busy thinking brain, reached CCD got 3 seconds to have a look at my friends. All faces coloured with different shades, so many hands reaching towards my face and head, filled with different coloured gulaal, Before I understand the whole situation a strong voice penetrating my earphones & ears enters in my brain "HOLI HAiiiii" and just after that voice so many hands didn't took so much of time to rub and fill my face, hair, neck, back, chest and specially nose & ears with colour. Few seconds and its done. Now so many smiling faces hugging me, wishing me Happy Holi......Yeah, now I perfectly know what happened just few seconds back. Standing in front of them, Staring at my new jeans and thinking about one clean face is now coloured and added to their group....Hahaha...switching off the iPod, taking care of wallet and mobile. WHAT A DAY!!!!

Well I am already coloured and there is no harm to take some revenge and enjoy the festival of colours. Now we were 13 friends there, going here and there to other friends, seniors and colleagues. Here in the Karnataka Where they do not celebrate much of this festival, All over the streets people were just staring us like we are victims of some just happened disaster. People were telling their children to see us and take an example out of us that how bad things happen :)

The last thought which came in my mind was, I was never ready for such a surprise and if they might had asked me before colouring me, so may be I might not had given the permission. Because I think we are no more to enjoy and we don't take these festivals very seriously, thinks these are waste of time and money. And we are much older now; we should not be in these stupid things.
Though all these things all the youth have in the mind but those few moments will let you learn how to enjoy the life, how to make it colourful. Life is not to live just silently, just make some laugh, some noise and learn to live the moments. And that's what I am feeling it doesn't matter how older we are, how much responsibilities we have, how busy we are, how happy we are, we always have some funned desires in the heart, which we don't express due to the pressure of life.....But Whatever..."DIL TO BACHHA HAI JI" ....Accept it and live the life :)

Cheers and Happy Holi !!!!

Tommorrow again i have to play Holi with my office friends...Sleeping with the same thought!! :)