Monday, January 25, 2010

DAD - I Love You

They saw me first time, They got some dream,
I brought some hope to make life extreme.

They worked so hard to make me walk,
They spoke every word to make me talk.

They bought me every desired toy,
They did everything to make me enjoy.

They did everything to make me hire,
In between they killed their every desire.

Now a days they are retire,
But they earned everything to admire.

Now they want me and I am here,
But dad I really do care.

I am coming soon to make your dreams true,
The things you desired we both will do.

I will never let you cry,
Till the time I am alive.

I am coming to fill your life with fun,
And this time I will make you my son :)


  1. :):):).......GOOD BETA....kabhi kabhi mere baare me soch le ..i was also ur inspiration dear...anyways nice poem made me emotive.

  2. poem main jo bi likha hain.... if evry one follows.. there will be no.. more old age homes GBH... !!! continu giving msg to youth