Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Worthless Emotions... :( :(

Another post....reasonably emotive...But contains bottomless factual sense.....

Few days back I received a forwarded mail which brought couple of tears in my eyes [As am emotional, it happens usually]

The mail was very sensible towards life. Where a man bought a new Ferrari, parked it at his home and everyone in his family was very happy about it, especially his 10 years old daughter. Next Sunday morning when he was washing his car, he noticed his daughter was doing something on the bonnet. He went there and saw she was scratching on it with a sharp rock. In a single moment man became so heated and slapped her very hardly 2-3 times. She started crying and went inside the home. Next day she was suffering from fever and required to be hospitalized. While taking her to hospital, he just noticed scratches made by her on the bonnet. And what she was trying to do was to write "I LOVE YOU DAD"...His head was spinning and heart was paining. But he didn't know why he became so angry that time!! Don't know what much is worthy.

Few days back one of my closest friends came at Bangalore for some official purpose and stayed with me. Days with him were quite good. I have an earphone which came as free with my laptop, in actual costs Rs 850. That is my favourite one and I just love the harmony comes out of it and the 'BASS' it produces. It gives me a different feeling whenever I use that one. Or in simple words I just LOVE that. One fine morning he asked me weather he can use it with his cell and I happily replied - yes you can. He took it to his office. When he returned from the office, he asked me he need to tell me something but I have to make sure first that I will not be angry OR will not ask anything to him. I assured him the same and he told that he just lost rubber cover [which fits outs in the ears] for one of the speaker somewhere. A short and sudden anger came up in my mind but next second I thought why I am getting so angry on this small thing. It won't cost me more than 5 or 10 Rs OR any how not more then my friendship with him. A smile came up at my face and I said not a problem man I have more sphere once.

A guy sitting in the cafe with one of his close female friend, Chatting, gossiping and kidding on different things. Eating tasty things to keep stomach and Tung silent. The girl bought some chips and was not ready to share that. Guy asked 2-3 times but she suggested to go and buy another one for own self. An idea came in the mind; guy took her phone and asked for ransom as chips to return the phone back. As she loves her phone too much, she will easily share chips now. INSTEAD the expectations, she said to give the phone back to her. Twice the time guy said no phone until unless chips are there for me. And the third time he noticed some different face expressions at her face and felt anger is coming. Before any explosion comes he returned the phone quickly. And after returning the phone he was thinking, if he had kept the phone for two more seconds definitely something was going to happen here. Question came in mind was what was worthy? And yes definitely he will not pick her phone again!! :( At least till the time he remembers those face expressions and anger in those eyes.

All three examples say the only thing and that is worthiness of emotions. People doing the same everyday in different ways with different people and never realize but the sufferer remember it always. Especially if sufferer is emotional, You just spoiled your relation, You are gone. In simple words 'IT HURTS'.

The post gives a simple message, just feel it. Things are not that worthy as RELATIONS, PEOPLE and EMOTIONS, Reason is simple you can buy things again. 



  1. Yeah Man...You wrote it perfectly...Nice writing and emotions :)

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  3. You have done a gr8 job by writing this....and hope you will apply this in your life....I m also trying to do that...from the day i received that msg from sum friends....

  4. lage rho writer sahaab...dekha meri sangat ka asser har jagah nikhar aa rha hai...chhahe face ho ya writing :(

  5. yes its absolutely true.....Things are not more than the relationship...So we should always keep this in mind....

  6. Speechless...!!
    Great..... awesome...!!

    And I am really sorry for that earplugs cover...!! :(

  7. ITs not a prob man :)....You just need to transfer Rs 10 to my account. And thanks to all for you comments!! :)

  8. chhaa gaye guru...tussi gr8 ho....
    @akm... sahi ashish...kya khila raha hai isko...chora ek dum nikhar rha hai..bulb ki tarah jalta hu amukhda....
    @girish.... tu Rs10 bhi account mein transfer karavayega.... itna bura haal na karo net banking ki faility ka

  9. yaar tu sala school me to bada shant-shant rhta thha.....ab to tu bilkul change ho gaya be...