Monday, March 22, 2010

Feel my feelings....

Every time you break my heart
I think my emotions have really now worth
I wanna dry my tears with dirt
And feel you are the only one i loved since my birth

I never believed in love before i met you
But you changed my thoughts that i bet you
You filled my life with so many dreams
And with out you my life has really no means

You hurt me when i have so much to say
Feelings are by heart but every-time my eyes have to pay
Every-time you go out of my reach
I think life got so many lessons which it is trying to teach
And i feel stronger in my heart
And i decide i will not give-up until unless to be loved

One day will come full of sunshine
That day you will accept me and become mine
Am waiting for that with open eyes
Waiting for my number in gods dice
Feel my feelings which are on extreme
Sleeping with wet eyes and keeping the dream

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