Tuesday, March 16, 2010

LIE....The Ultimate Truth !!

Often we complain why people don’t converse truth. Anytime someone speaks anything to me, you or anyone. Definitely listener's anticipation is everything should be truth. If I say exactly, it’s not possible.

And explanation is simple “None Dares To Speak Truth!!!”

Here you are reading this post; I don’t know what exactly you are thinking about it. Whatever is that is exactly the only truth which never comes out. You may admire this post or any other one in front of me or in the comment area but actually you may think why the hell this guy write all this bull shit and asks us again and again to go through it :(

We have so many friends, we meet so many people around and we talk with everyone. Every time we speak with anyone it won't be the truth, every-time it won't be lie too but it must be having some shade of it.

A guy talking to his girlfriend, Mom's call waiting on cell, Guy picks the call and says he was talking to his friend. If he speaks truth, he is gone.

A Girl talking to her Boyfriend another cell rings and Boyfriend2 is on line. The question being asked to girl was- were you busy honey? Reply- No I was thinking about you. If she speaks truth, she is gone.

A manager comes to a guy and questions have you completed you work? Answer- About to complete. Guy thinks I didn't even start it yet. If he speaks truth, he is gone.

A guy loves a girl and girl doesn’t believe in such foolish things. One fine day girl asks she heard some roamers all around that people are treating them as girlfriend and boyfriend!!! Do you think the same? Guy who has the same feeling in deep heart but refuses it and says No, I think we are better being good friends. He knows if he speaks truth, he is gone. Girl says - Yeah I knew it, at least you understand me :)

Why people speak so much of lie??

They LIE to make things healthier. They LIE to make things smoother. They LIE to live. They LIE to make everything possible what they want to make. They LIE to achieve things. They LIE because they are not selfish. This is the "LIE" which is running this cruel world. This is the "LIE" which made things beautiful.

You might be thinking I am wrong but deep in you own heart you can see an image of a liar [please correct me if I am wrong] the world can’t go without LIE's.

Many would not agree to support above thought. I know it. If you don’t support it, just spend one day without speaking even a single lie. Just speak whatever hits your mind first towards anything to anyone and that would be the truth. And I can bet with you either you have to be speechless whole day or you will never dare to speak truth.

What i see is LIE is sometimes better then truth. I don’t know weather it is my negativity which always pulls me towards LIE or it is the positivity lies under LIE.

I know LIE is not good and Truth is the ultimate thing, which needs dare to speak and face. If you got the dare just speak it.

I don't speak much of LIE. But I know one day I will speak only truth to all my loved once. What I have in my heart. Just gathering the positive energy for that....

But guys I am not a liar :)


  1. hmmm...some good insight.

    Then there is something called "true lie" just as there are "healthy lie" or "half lie" which you brought out nicely. Keep improving!

  2. The worst lies are the lies we tell ourselves. We live in denial of what we do, even what we think. We do this because we're afraid. We fear we will not find love, and when we find it we fear we'll lose it.