Monday, March 21, 2011

Why when i know all...

Why I wait for you, every time
Why I die, to hear your voice 

Why I always want to make u mine
When I know the truth, we are different like water and wine

I know all we will be never be one
I don’t know why this thought always comes
 I don’t know that I belong to you or not 
The only thing I will say forget me not

We will be friends till the end of life
That relation would be pure as divine
With filling each other's heart with beautiful smile J

Saturday, March 12, 2011

एक अदनी सी जिंदगी ...

एक अदनी सी जिंदगी जिसमें हर और ख्वाहिशें कुचली जाती हैं
रौशनी की किरणें भी क्यों धकेल कर अँधेरे में ही ले जातीं हैं
जब होना न था तुम्हे पूरा तो क्यों तमन्ना जाग उठी
पल दो पल की खुशियाँ दे फिर दर्द की राग उठी

मुझे ऐ जिंदगी मेरा कुसूर बता दे
मोहब्बत न हो कभी इतना गुरूर दिला दे
या तो मुझे जीने ही न दे
या फिर ऐसे जीने की उसूल सिखा दे ||

Friday, March 11, 2011

I won't cry

When I see back I see it blank
The hope which was struggling is finally dead
Forgetting you so soon is very hard
To stop my tears there is no guard
But this time I won’t break
For my own sake ... I won’t cry

I would be happy if you were mine
Life would have been full of rhyme
But here I am alone
Just in sentence of my crime
But this time I won’t break
For my own sake ... I won’t cry

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I lost you...

Yesterday night while seeing your pictures
I thought if I could hold you tight
Wanted real presence of yours
Which I could catch in my sight
A silent tear rolled out of my eyes
And I realised … I lost you

Regret is the only feeling which I feel everyday
Feelings which I have are not easy to say
The only thing I know I didn’t deserve this pain
I had something real which is flowing in my vein

My heart you took and broke it badly
Something which hurt me so deadly
I looked at your smiling face, tried out find out why
It was all I could do, to not to begin cry

While sleeping if look at the sky
I could make your picture and feel like cry
On bed I thought who is my best buddy?
Who do I love the most?
And I realised … I lost you

Feeling this much pain
Thought someone I could have
Who could feel me, make me laugh and smile
Walk with me for a longer mile
And I realised … I lost you

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Death is the only way...

Seeing you going far from me..
Unexpressed pain...make me feel
I was never born to be loved..

Alone on the path
Just for sake of life
Unloved emotionless life just going on
Who will give everything just to quench the thirst of a real smile

The only wish of life which remained in heart
If you could ever understand my love
Even just for few moments
But the smile on your face
Makes me feel
You don’t need me…
And the time makes me realised…
That death is the only way…

Monday, March 7, 2011

I miss old days...

I miss old days….
When everything was so easy
When we used to go for outings and never had a camera
Those fights to come in middle of picture
When rs 500 were enough to have a grand party

I miss old days…
When except exams there were no more tensions
When for a party we used to eat someone’s mind
When we jumped on each other within a single peg
When love was just another joke…

I miss old days…
When an 80cc bike was no lesser than hayabusa
When computer was only for movies and songs
When girls were just in late night discussions
When party meant to be whole night masti…

I never thought this day will come
So many cameras but none to fight
So many parties but no fun
So many friends but no one for you

I miss old days….when we lived the life…