Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dil to bachha hai ji --- Happy Holi

Well its Sunday today But don't know what’s exceptional is today I woke up at 9 AM (Which is very odd) and unaccompanied at the room. Just lying at the bed, having a closer look at the wretched situation of the room and a rapid thought which ignited the force, made faster the body is Lets make the room spotless today. I took the broom and after putting a great effort it seems pretty good. I could see lots of died cockroaches finally taking their place to the dustbin, May god bless their soul. Still I sense something is missing ;)...So finally I took mop and wiped the whole flat and yeah....this is what hard work results, its better now. It is time to take bath.

Well Well Well its Sunday today  and I can take as much time as I want while bathing so lets take shower today with all fun of shampoos and pears :D And if I have done this much then what’s wrong with doing POOJA as well? It took me 20 minutes to give a try to make the God happy. After this superb schedule which came after so much of time period its time to take some rest now (I am fatal tired).

Again a sudden thought which fills the body with energy is that I have not deposited our electricity bill yet :( last date was yesterday and they may cut your light any time. So getup lets go and deposit the bill first. Well today the air is fresh and I can feel a new energy in me and looking at the wardrobe what to wear and I can see damm new jeans untouched. How can I do this with the jeans, it is untouched??...Lets give it a opening :) And yeah we are geared up now. Take your wallet; Keep your phone and o yes do not forget to take your new iPod as way is long and your have to walk. And harmony starts.

Finally paid my Vodafone bill as well as bill for electricity, God knows what does gonna come to pass with the light now. An incoming call at my phone, One of my college friend is calling, asked me lets meet at CCD in 10 minutes, All friends are there only and we will have a gossip gathering. CCD is the place where we generally meet. Hmmm...So it gonna go a good day today :)

With a musical walk reaching to CCD with a busy thinking brain, reached CCD got 3 seconds to have a look at my friends. All faces coloured with different shades, so many hands reaching towards my face and head, filled with different coloured gulaal, Before I understand the whole situation a strong voice penetrating my earphones & ears enters in my brain "HOLI HAiiiii" and just after that voice so many hands didn't took so much of time to rub and fill my face, hair, neck, back, chest and specially nose & ears with colour. Few seconds and its done. Now so many smiling faces hugging me, wishing me Happy Holi......Yeah, now I perfectly know what happened just few seconds back. Standing in front of them, Staring at my new jeans and thinking about one clean face is now coloured and added to their group....Hahaha...switching off the iPod, taking care of wallet and mobile. WHAT A DAY!!!!

Well I am already coloured and there is no harm to take some revenge and enjoy the festival of colours. Now we were 13 friends there, going here and there to other friends, seniors and colleagues. Here in the Karnataka Where they do not celebrate much of this festival, All over the streets people were just staring us like we are victims of some just happened disaster. People were telling their children to see us and take an example out of us that how bad things happen :)

The last thought which came in my mind was, I was never ready for such a surprise and if they might had asked me before colouring me, so may be I might not had given the permission. Because I think we are no more to enjoy and we don't take these festivals very seriously, thinks these are waste of time and money. And we are much older now; we should not be in these stupid things.
Though all these things all the youth have in the mind but those few moments will let you learn how to enjoy the life, how to make it colourful. Life is not to live just silently, just make some laugh, some noise and learn to live the moments. And that's what I am feeling it doesn't matter how older we are, how much responsibilities we have, how busy we are, how happy we are, we always have some funned desires in the heart, which we don't express due to the pressure of life.....But Whatever..."DIL TO BACHHA HAI JI" ....Accept it and live the life :)

Cheers and Happy Holi !!!!

Tommorrow again i have to play Holi with my office friends...Sleeping with the same thought!! :)


  1. Nice one...good to know that you had a happy and colorful holi...

  2. :)....And good to log abi b blog check karte rehte hai....hehe...Vo b mere bina bole hi :)

  3. Oye mundiya...tuanu samjh ni aandi ki likhna chaida aur ki nai...tusi kaunsi sabun ch nahande ho sanu ki matbal......Holi de baare main likhna chaida ki..."That you Miss the HOLI which you celebrate at home"....Or i have to say...."bagalwali HOLI(padosi special)"....

    chal bhai tc...sorry for Bad punjabi....Tc...have fun...

  4. thoda kaccha hai jee....par Happy Holi :-)