Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Love you...

Each day i open my eyes
Each day i close my eyes
All i can think about is you
In each blink of my eyes
All i can see is you...Smiling at me as you always do

I wanna make you happy
I wanna make you feel the love of you life
Which will never fade
Doesn't matter how old you grow, or how old i grow

Sometimes in life you might feel a little space between us
A little shout or a little fight
I could be wrong sometimes
Or you could also be

But all i know is you love me and i love you
You trust me and i trust you
And so nothing in this world will keep us apart
Even there is, i know we will shut that off

Even though there is nothing in this world that lasts forever
But there is love which breaks the chain
A lots of love for you my dear
A lots of love for you

I love you and will always do ...