Monday, January 25, 2010

Life -- Just live the moments!!

It starts with a cry, It ends with a cry,
In between are the moments to enjoy.

It starts with some tears, It ends with some tears,
In between are the moments to make people dears.

It starts with some prayers, It ends with some prayers,
In between are the moments to make some prayers.

It starts with few expectations, It ends with few expectations,
In between are the moments to fulfill expectations.

It starts, It ends and no one understands,
The only relation we make is few friends.

We came with some aim, Not to play game,
Live the moments before you are in frame.

These moments are precious, Not to waste,
Let's live the life with a different taste!!! :)

DAD - I Love You

They saw me first time, They got some dream,
I brought some hope to make life extreme.

They worked so hard to make me walk,
They spoke every word to make me talk.

They bought me every desired toy,
They did everything to make me enjoy.

They did everything to make me hire,
In between they killed their every desire.

Now a days they are retire,
But they earned everything to admire.

Now they want me and I am here,
But dad I really do care.

I am coming soon to make your dreams true,
The things you desired we both will do.

I will never let you cry,
Till the time I am alive.

I am coming to fill your life with fun,
And this time I will make you my son :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Journey to home -- Part 3 :) :D :D

So am back with the last part of my most memorable journey....You may not find it much interesting but this is what which i found....and i could easily en light how much my family loves me!!!.....

So finally after having sweet and sour experience in journey from Bangalore to Alwar, finally i was standing at my native, just 2 Kms away from my home. Three riksha's were there but all denied to go towards my home, don't know why?, no one was accepting even double rent too. I just stared my watch and it was the time when i could not expect any other thing except riksha, to go to my home. Once i thought let's travel it by my own, but i had luggage :( Final thoguht came in my mind to call some one from my home to pick me up, but that will screw my surprise!!! What to do??? still thinking and suddenly i saw a tempo coming on the way(which you may not find often) but it was in worst condition and already extra burdened with passenger's. Anyhow i adjusted my suitcase inside tempo and he told me to get hanged on the back side(It is usual there) and so i did.

Finally i reached at Hanuman temple just few meters apart from my home So i thought this is the right time to call at home and start the game. My elder brother's shop is attached to my home and is the first stop for those who are coming to my home. So when i entered there, my brother got shocked,he said- hey how come here? you were supposed to be here at 4th of Jan (previously i told, i will be there at 4th Jan). I just smiled. I could see those glittering eyes :) and happiness in those eyes, i told him not to spread the word. Then i made a call to my elder sis, she said what i am doing and i told i am at room and surfing internet, suddenly i gave my cell to my bro to talk. My sister was wondering, how it is possible, i told i was just testing this recently launched technology by which we could connect a call to anyone without any extra cost :) ....And OMG she believed. Then i thought now i have to go inside of house.

At the ground floor i directly entered to my elder brother's room, where his wife was alone. She don't know me much as i am not at home since she married and came here. She just saw me and got scared that who is this crazy guy directly entering in her room and even my elder bro is not stopping me. She was deadly scared and trying to recognize me, finally when i smiled she said(very loudly) OOOOOO......AAAAPP Hoooooo......i thought Hooray least finally she recognized me :) I could see lots of question marks at her face..hehe :)

That loud voice reached till first floor and my younger sis just stared down from first floor. The moment she saw me.....she started running here and there, just confused whom to tell first...Like a was so funny, the way she acted... My laughs were at peak. Finally she announced to my grand mom first that i am here.I went to my grand mom and she hugged me for next 2 minutes and started raining blessings, this was the moment when i can't stop my tears!!..She was very excited :)

Now every one except my parents knew that i am here, where they were not here at the home. After 10 mins i got to know that my dad came from market, i went to him to take the blessings,my dad(who's eyes are so weak) was adjusting his eye slashes to make the right picture of the guy standing in front of him and finally a broad smile came at their face :) ...They were so happy....because I was there...Yeah....i was very happy...those were some precious moments i could never forget in my whole life....And surprise was over...I am here in front of whole my family members, everyone was adoring me. Some people were unhappy because they have planned some surprise for me if i was coming at 4th of Jan....hehehe...But i am here, overlapping my idea at everyones :)......

All above i just tried to elaborate my feelings but i don't know...i am not able to do it exactly...Because some feelings could never be expressed by words :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Journey to home ---- Part 2 :) :D :D

The name of this blog is and so i am....A bit lazy in writing, thinking and releasing posts...So am here to continue my jouney :)

After having a such experience in flight anyone could fall in thoughts of the just happened planned accident by god.I bet to say that time All izz Well :) As i come under the category of idiots. No one got the ability to stop time forever and enjoy it. After this experience i was thinking let's see what happens in bus and its Delhi (dil walo ka seher), anything is possible :) You might be thinking now that i might got another such experience in bus but it was completely different and especially no girl was there :)

After coming out of airport i planned to rent an auto till Dhoula kuan and did the same. i reached dhoula kuan in 30 mins. When i come out of auto and pulling my luggage out of that auto i noticed a girl standing there was staring at me but i was in no mood to entertain myself again!!!! I ignored and had a look all around i could see almost all the villagers there waiting for their buses. i could see some buses coming for different places fully loaded, where there is no place for new passenger's and was wondering would i be able to secure a seat. There were unbelievable over bridges like they are participating in a contest of making the most critical zig-zag rounded lines over the page of earth and still they were trying to make it more harder and complicated But it was really impressive, thanks to civil engineer's.

I was amused and all of a sudden i saw a bus coming for the destination i was targeted to, so i collected all of my luggage and anyhow started trying to get into the bus. The crowd made me feel pressure at each inch of my body and that pressure just thrown me inside of that bus. But aaila!!!!!!! Bus to shuru hote hi khatm !!! :(....hahaha.....There was no place for moving ahead and still i could listen the voice of conductor - ALwar Alwar Alwar.....Bot jegeh hai ..aa jao aa jao...I just stared him for once and then thought how to adjust my luggage as i had too much :(
Finally his eyes fallen on me,he signaled me to go inside the driver cabin and thanks to that driver who allowed me to sit beside him on gear box where as he refused for other people. Now i could feel the fire under me ...hehehe And journey started.

I could see how people were staring at me and suddenly my phone rang i talked in english because it was required in that call. Now people were staring me like i am a criminal and i had done any crime. Some one said-- kaha se aae ho bhaiya?? i said-Bangalore. that guy- padai karte ho? me- nhi nokri karte hai...another gay- arree ee badi party hain!!!! angraji me kaam karte hai!!! I was feeling quite uncomfortable but can't help. And suddenly a sardaar ji entered over there and started pushing himself inside the cabin. Driver-sardar ji bahar hi raho. Sardar ji-arre hum b gear box pe adjust ho jaenge and he sat beside me!!! Now all people started talking and there topic was private vs goverment sector. They were literally ****ing private companies and for each talk asking what was my opinion, if i will say something, they will start criticism. I could feel the winterzz and on that don't know what they were trying to do with me!!!! God please save me!!! i was begging.

Bus stoped at a stop some seats got vacant at back side and i changed my place without loosing even a single moment.Now i am at window seat, none to disturb, none to stare and none to ask me silly questions. I could now fall in dreams of my getting executed plan of surprising journey towards my native. I could feel the warmness in that cold wind. I purchased some ground nuts and remaining journey got passed away in a silent way. Bus reached at 8:30 to alwar and now it was the most awaited time for me :) ...Now i had to go to home and have a fantastic experience over there.....

......To be continued :) :P :D