Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My very first Kiss ...

Hi Friends,
Before you proceed with this poem I just wanted to let you know that this one is little different, you might not like the subject, content or whole drama. Go ahead at your own risk. JJJ

I remember that night, when you were with me
In that park under that tree
So Close to you feeling the heat
That sound which was too loud was my heart’s beat….

I lifted you up in my arms
Making you assure there will be no harm
When I slipped you slight and you hold me tight
I felt your breath and said it’s all right….

I heard your heart and felt the warmth
What I found was the aim of my birth
For the very first time the time stood still
Your soft skin which I could feel
Your real beauty which I could reveal
My ears were having sound of peal….

You put your hand on my thighs
 Came so closer and closed you eyes
I felt your breath and your lips
It was you pouring your own nips….

My body shuddered out of my choice
I felt the whisper of your warm voice
We wanted it for so long
It made our feelings truly strong….

I leaned on you and felt the touch
This was the time I loved you so much
I leaned back tried to resist
But these were my lips just wanted to be kissed….

You held me tight all through night
Knowing the fact it is not right
I felt complete and full of bliss
It was the memorable my very first Kiss….


  1. Wow!!
    The true feeling of Love,affection,meeting of two soul mates,satisfaction all you explained very nicely.
    Very beautifully written !!

    Keep Smiling :)

  2. Who said that one might not like its content and it is risky.... It is sweet and I can feel the moments... If it's true, then, u are very lucky to experience such beautiful moments.... :)

  3. looks like it happened with you..;)
    anyways, it is very sweetly written and i too can feel the emotions...