Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Agony of life :(

We all can see the disparity between India and other English countries. The difference in ethnicity, work, maturity, development, growth and intensification.

Few time back i was thinking why we are lacking and why we are so lethargic(Indians are indolent). If you evaluate the the man power, no one could ever dare to even stand against us. The only difference is lack of desperation, dedication, concentration and energy. We are misplacing it!! And why?? No one bothers about it :)

I am working in a multinational company, where i need to communicate with US guys and need to work accordingly. And somehow a little obsession always shoots my intellect that creates a bigger difference in the picture of performance and that is encouragement, appreciation and quality to adore someone's work. A man went to US for few days and his work delivery got doubled, now he was ready to accept any work any time with a real smile. What made him that brand, vigorous and full of life.

The thing which i noticed and that man noticed was the appreciation which he received for his each and every activity. While working if you get few good words that esteems your work, admire your efforts and make you think that you are really doing good work and keep the good work up. Those few words will make you do more work with more devotion and desperation. Because the more you work, people will adore you more and that's what a human being is "GREEDY". It will fill you with energy. Just two positive encouraging  appreciative words!!!

One of my female friend working at a massive giant of IT sector, She works for at least 8 hours a day (Here i am talking about hour she works, not how many hour she stays in office) and At the end of the day her manager says hey you didn't do this one and you have to complete this one also, take this work also. Hey Man!! we are human, not machine!! How she will accumulate more liveliness to execute more work while she knows the criticism would be on its way by the superior. And here comes the INDIA!!! Outcome is straight, she is doing work because company is paying for that, not because she wish to do. If her manager will appreciate her work even a single time a day, i know the variation would be huge or more then that!

It takes only a moment to appreciate or adore someone's work but it really makes a significant difference in the quality and quantity of the work.



  1. hey girish
    u r rg8 :)
    bilkul sahi kaha tumne.....i appreciate...
    aisa hi hota hai :(
    every mangers need to do it :)

  2. hey girish....tu software company chod aur writer ban ja...jyada sucessful ban jaayega...mast likha hai aur bilkul sahi likha hai....

  3. :) :)...It makes me more happy when i get good comments...and i feel worthiness of the work i have done....And as you all appreciated, i will keep posting newer posts :D

  4. Hi jaan...mast likha hai....sab kuch acha hai par ek baat soch rha hun ki vo ladki kaun hai...jiski tu baat kar rha hai....tune teri baat kyon nahi likhi yahan.....

    But i am very happy ki jo classes maine tujhe di thi tune unka sahi use kiya hai.....

    Good keep it up...... aise hi ache-2 post likho... GOOD LUCK [;-)]

  5. hmmm....some real writing on prevailing social issues have been started...congrats :)