Monday, February 1, 2010

The season of "LOVE" ;-)

February is starting tomorrow. The season of love, to spread the fragrance of romance, to spread the energy, to remove the distances and to wake up the slept love after marriage. It may bring you the remembrance of old days or it may just make your days to be remembered always. Even after reading above few lines you might got some picture or a series of pictures, if you were ever fallen in love(Doesn't matter one sided or both sided, love is love). The month got a special place for couples,lovers and love seekers :)

Don't know how many hearts are going to be hurt and how many going to be merged. Love has its own place for opposite sex(even for same sex also,now a days). Love is blind.

This amazing,unforgettable,fragrance filled,enjoyable and most adorable feeling is the topic which could have an endless discussion. Some people call it attraction, some calls it LOVE and some even don't believe on it!!! If some one says i can't live without you, so what does this meant?? I could bring stars for you, what does this meant?? This meant that someone is there who cares for you and could have endless pain if you are not there, Even though time is the greatest healer!

Those who are in love can't see the world, it makes them mad and this is the feeling they want to enjoy. It brings desperation, inspiration and desire to live the life.

Love is not a patented word used to define the couples, it is a shore-less sea. Someone loves his dad,grandma or profession or anything in this world or out of this world. It has no limit, no reasons, no parameters and no explanations. I love my all readers, Even if i don't know them :)

The most important thing is if you love some one, just tell them. It doesn't matter that person is your dad or your sister or your friend. It don't need to be expressed always but sometimes it do.

Some people say why we need a single day or week to express love? Agree, but this is not the time to express love or to feel it. It is the time you make you remember, to give you some extra energy for the feeling which you are leaving behind in the race of life.

Wishing you all a very happy season of LOVE. May you all get your loved ones :)

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