Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thinking about you.... Valentines day Spl!!!

Here I am, thinking about you,
Dreaming some dream to come true.

Would you be a part of my life,
Am asking would you be my wife?

I know I am not a prince charm,
But I will always keep you warm.

Don’t think it will be a mess,
I will just fill it by happiness.

I love you too much that you know,
You like me too that I know.

All the thing you want, will give you there,
The only thing I want is little bit care.

My heart says it beats because of you,
My breathe says am alive due to you.

I feel so weak when you are not here,
I always miss you because I really do care.

Accept my proposal I’ve fear in my eyes,
Deny will bring some tear with my cries.

I will keep my fingers crossed,
Until unless you change your thoughts.

God wants you to be with me,
I am proposing you by sitting on knee.

Could you convert this ‘I’ and ‘you’ in ‘WE’,
Angel is standing here in front of me.

Am waiting for your answer to start a new life,
It would be most lovable to have you as my wife.

Here I am, thinking about you,
Dreaming some dream to come true!!!!


  1. Abe saale... phle ye bata ki tu apna negative attitude kab change karega... waise poem achi hia per fir se tune usme nagative thinking jyaada rakhi hai...

    Think Positive... ;)

  2. nice!One suggestion - don't force end words just to make rhyme.Sometimes, lines can be better otherwise as well. Though, you kept the flow very logical and predictive which is good sign.Keep doing good work.