Friday, December 4, 2009


Some people find it interesting, some may find it quite horrible....But no one knows the future...

Predictions...Assumptions....Belief.....What's going to happen....will we be alive???...ohh Men my brain gonna blast....

Human...the sharpest creature on the earth, we started our journey when we didn't know what the bloody hell is this place, what we are, why we are, who we are....and brain which always digs around and learning is the best practice. we learnt how to live, how to survive, how to rule and how to destroy. We are in 21st century, the world of engineering, the world of technologies. we know all the fatal's which we have seen but what about those which are unseen....Here comes nature.

We don't know what gonna happen just after a single second, So human became proactive and after opening the pages of our past...this is the time to turn on the future...

We don't know what we don't know!!!!!!!!

21 Dec, 2012........End of World.....The DooM's Day....The Judgement Day.

Mayan calendar ends at 21st Dec 2012, which is the longest aged one and the age is 5125 years and they tried to make it further but every process got failed. So???? if calenders are not there can't we live?

Some organization says sun gonna be our enemy, some says some thing gonna hit earth, some says war may take place......but anyhow it is gonna happen and we all gonna die..

So now...As we all gonna die what should we do???

some will do suicide that we don't wanna see that day....faces would be scary....time would be critical....and no one knows what we may do to escape.

But who knows..we may not die, we'll stay alive happily as we are doing.

I remember a Hindi quote -- " Chinta akal ko kha jati hai..."
So not to take "chinta" :) ......

Hope is the best thing which could never die...and expectations never ends. without life nothing would be interesting on the earth, So stay here guys...our life just started and let's have a party on the doom's day.....

I always think we should not care what is going to happen, just think what is happening and so enjoy the time what we have, don't waste by thinking why we'll loose it.

And finally Marna to sabi ko hai yaaro....chahe 2012 ho ya 2021.....So jio jee bhar ke.....

Jindagi teri talash muje aaj bhi hai,
Har lamha jo tune dia, gumaan uspe aaj bhi hai
lagta nhi kabi marne se darr,
bayaan karu kaise teri chahat ko,dil me basa ye arma aaj bhi hai
jindagi tera bharosa nhi muje,
par jeeta hu tuje ye aitbaar muje aaj bhi hai.
Buss chhod na dun jeena kahi marne se pehele,
khawabo ka kaarwaa mere pass aaj bhi hai.
Ant nhi nikat sabka itna,
Ae khuda tujpe itna vishvaas aaj bhi hai.

:) .....hehehe...pata ni kya likha hai upar...Samajh me nhi aa raha hai..agr samajh aae to muje b samjhana.....
Gud night :D

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