Sunday, November 1, 2009


Humara koi Bhavishey nhi likha gaya hai , Humara aj hi humare aane wale kal ki rachna karta hai...........Kaash mai in baato par yakeen kar pata !!!!

People won't believe on the Destiny but still they will say - " Jo b hota hai Achhe k liye hota hai "

So everywhere there is a confusion Do we really some Destiny kind of thing or Do we not ?? None of us could give the ans of this question.

It really depends on our experience what we got in our life. So here i am, who strongly believes on the destiny.

Or we can simply say that everything was previously planned then what we are doing here. Are we really a part of game or we are just executing instructions. Just take a moment and have a look at your life. And then think about the most precious moments came or most worst moments came in out life. We'll catch a common thing in both that we have done nothing or if we have done anything then that was for anything else but anyhow these results came.

A job seeker smoking at a shop fully frustrated and full of negative thoughts because he is going home tomorrow without job. where as he has tried his most to get it and truly deserves also. And suddenly one of his friend comes and says that there is a walkin in a MNC. he says "yaar vaise b kal ghar jana hai, chal fir b tere sath chal lete hai, time pass ho jaega thoda " and goes in the walkin but the only fortune was he took 1 copy of his resume from his mail id. Sits for written test, after 30 minutes of technical interview which was very bad but don't know anyhow cleared and cleared HR too with poor performance where he failed to give his intro in a straight way and told that tomorrow he is going to home. And the result was He got selected.

A guy sleeping at his home enjoying nice movie, somehow he thinks that lets go out for ice cream and he goes at the usual place from where he usually takes the ice cream. But again a sudden thought came-up in the mind - let's try another shop today. Just 10 minutes later he received a news of bomb blast at his usual ice cream parlor. Then he thought thank god i am having ice cream here today.

What is this????

This is what DESTINY......

I am not saying that destiny is something which is written there in criss-cross lines at our palms or at our forehead but this is a kind of supernatural power which is controlling each and everything in this whole world. And if each and everything is controlled by someone else in this world then what the hell we are doing here. Just take a moment and think, we have limited thoughts. We can't think beyond the things we have seen anywhere. We can't imagine things also by our own. We can only those things which we have seen anywhere. These are things which always comes in my mind. And the ans is each man is here to execute a part of code nothing more then that. So enjoy your part readers.....

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