Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Birthday Blast :)

Just few seconds back the clock’s needle touched 12 and made me realised another year is added to my existence.

Speaking to my friend over phone & receiving birthday wishes. No expectations for any bolt from the blue and not even equipped. A sudden flash and 2 familiar faces entered in my room and that’s Dheeraj and his wife Iti with my roommate Aashish, Who brought all of the bliss for me to my birthday this year. Unexpected fortunes gives you most pleasure when you are not even ready for them. Gigantic Thanks to all these friends and you guys please don’t say NO.

They came up, shouted birthday wishes loudly and started giving me birthday bombs. And I bet they were real BOMBS, I still feel the explosionJ. Time to do little dance and cut cake. The dance was really amazing just prepared and executed in a well way. Director was DheerajJ. I cut the cake and they just polished my face with it. I can’t even make it up to open my eyes. Went and washed my face, second session started and that polish came again to meL. Captured so many pictures and videos. In between phone calls keep coming, and I was really having hard time to bring them reply.

Each time I thought it’s an end, it was just a pause. They polished my face 4 times with cake which entered in almost each of the hole available in my face. It’s my duty to share all my happiness with my friends and so I polished their faces too with that cakeJ. Iti acted very idly and concentrated her fingers on the camera. We sang the birthday song and finally ate one piece of cake. Time to open the gift and it was a Magnet Dart BoardJ. I wished they could have pasted someone’s picture on both sides of itJ which definitely would have brought the real contentment in targeting that boardJ. They asked me to have that board hanging at my chest to try some shotsL. With these all things finally the night surprise ended hereJ

At birthday being in office sucks but can’t help. Enjoyed day with real friends in office too. One of my close friends has provided me whole day Birthday support by keep communicating on E-Mail. That was the cutest thing I didn’t thought about. After completing the office shift the OnCall Birthday support was being provided by the same friend. That’s so sweet of you and that really makes my day. Special Thanks to YOUJ .

All is well that ends well. Phone calls are still coming. Ending the day and quoting the memories.

Once again thanks to all you for making this day unforgettable. 


  1. happy B'day !!!! maaro... ladke ko :-)

  2. Khub Peeta saale ko... Weekend pe fir Peetenge.. :P