Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gossip Time!!!..Relations!

Life always goes on with lots of learning’s and dense situations in undergoing relations.

In our life the most handle with care thing is our relations. Now day’s relations became the hottest theme to chitchat about.

Rajiv who saw his co-worker Ankit with one young woman at so many places assumed that she is his girlfriend. And it won't take even a single second to start gossip about this one. Whenever Ankit receive a call from anywhere and goes little out to talk clearly, gossip comes in. Whereas Ankit who is an innocent guy, didn’t even had little clue about it. Later after 2-3 days when Ankit got to be familiar about it, he was shocked because that girl was his cousin.....He thought...what a crap, at least think before you speak.

Now a day’s people are attracted about other's life that what’s going on there rather then focussing at their own life and then they speak anything about anyone’s life!!!...I in truth don't understand why they do the same. If you are really interested in that persons life and want to know what’s going on, Do some dare go and ask, lets see what happens.

If someone is roaming around with his/her opposite sex friend people would start rumours about them. The only thing I know is I don't understand why people speak if they don't understand things. Don't you have same relation with any of your friend?

Having tough time with all these. The only output I see from all these things is a single line ---

Everything looks funny unless it happens to YOU!!!