Saturday, August 7, 2010

Writing ..An Amazing Feeling!!

Few days back i was wondering why people write things in blogs, in wordpress and in their own personal sites or dairies. 

Sharing is the natural behavior of human. We all got complicated brains. Our brain remains active 24 hours and does something something. Thinking capability of brain is the ultimate quality. Sometimes whatever we think we want to share without caring who the well going to read it. But writing it somewhere gives the ultimate relief and shows us that how closely we can make people understand our thoughts.

Blogging or writing is not just about getting appreciated for the work or the flow of words we have drawn. It is about writing something that you cannot keep in your brain. Thoughts which hit our mind each second, each place and just wanna come out of the brain.

It helps us a lot. There are two kind of people. Introvert and extrovert. Fortunately both loves writing, but both have different aims behind their writings and impact appears in the writing. Writing things gives us freedom to have a look from outside on what we are, what we exactly think or what we want. I am writing since long time as it gives me little room out of my busy life and helps me keep smiling. I don't wanna share my pains with anyone but at least i can write them and definitely one day when i will be very happy or will be out of some pain, i will visit my writings and i am sure i will laugh :)

Writing is a good thing, whoever is reading this post i would say read a lot and write a lot. Stay Happy.

Here is a BIG THANKS to Bloggers, Wordpress which made very easy for us to express our thoughts globally and definitely vice versa knowing thoughts of others as well unknowns is just feels amazing.Keep writing the good stuff :)

Have a Great day!

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