Monday, July 12, 2010


Hey honey you are the beautiful girl
Shines like a pearl
You change everything with a single smile
People come across you for making their life worthwhile

No one is more special then you
Tell me what I need to do
To remain always be with you

There are so many who loves you
There are so many who cares for you
I got a little heart too
Which beats for you…which feels for you....

To keep your face always smiling
I will never face trouble in every number dialling
To make you happy from inside
I will make each bad thing to you hide

Here are my words coming from my heart
You will never know how I feel for you
You will never know how much I care you
You will never know someone never forgets you
You will never know someone who bets you

Your friendship is the most precious thing to me
Please don’t afraid of coming near me
This time I should finally let this go
A day will come when I could finally let you know
Till then I would try to be your nearest friend
My feelings for you will never end…
Everything in my life just starts with you and ends with you...!


  1. waah ustaad waah....tussi toh chah gaye...... :P :P

  2. Yaar End Acha nhi hai... Kuch aur add ker isme...