Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Birthday :)

 Happy birthday…This is a beautiful day
On your very special day, I just want to say….

Today is your day…you can shout and shout
We all care for you…there is no doubt
I would pray to god…that let you be always the same
And definitely you will get your desired fame

Day after day you are getting older and older
But in my life your name is getting bolder and bolder
There are so many wishes for you…pop in my heart
If my life is a story then you are the most imp part

You are always been so sweet and understanding
Well it’s your time to be little demanding
In toughest times you have laugh and smiles
Let’s celebrate the day and open the wines

On your very special day, I just want to say
You can count on me… I will always stay
No matter it’s the day or it’s the night
I will never look its wrong or its rite
I am happy that you are here…
I will always have things to share
It’s your birthday…So enjoy till the best…

Happy birthday…This is a beautiful day…
I had so much but words are not enough to convey! 

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