Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Love You....Sad Heart

I know i m not the one you want,

But i m the one who want you always

I know i m not best for you,

But i will always give my best to you

I know i m not the cutest one like you,

But still i m not the worst one

I know m meant nothing to you,

But just imagine you meant everything to me

I know i irritate you always,

But i really can't stop myself

I know you don't care's for me,

But here is someone really cares for you

I know you don't have feelings for me,

But i really do believe in miracles

I know God hates me,

But still i go to him every day for you

I know i really don't deserve you,

But what to do , I really Love you.


  1. hey dis waz a nic one..u realy improving in blogging :)

  2. nice yar....keep up d gud work :)....waise who's d inspiration behind dis post ;) ;)

  3. hmm...kahi na kahi to koi na koi hogi hi :)