Monday, August 24, 2009

Time Matters.....

So Came back with a new one.......This is the one for which everyone has different feelings, kind of which you can never forget, kind of which will bring some tears, kind of which will fill you by excitement, kind of you will say ohhh God Kaash wo time vapus aa jae........

I Still Remember that day when I entered in the college first time and i was horrified of ragging as well excited and little bit nervous but that was a great day. And all different faces were there, just staring at each other. As m an introvert guy I didn't speak much to people around me and was serious. I got ragged in our college bus and I danced on the song "Kabhi mere sath koi raat bitaa" by Murder and for me it was so Embarrassing. As I was an average Hindi medium student who was never interested in studies, anyhow came in Engg and here my future was in trouble coz I was terrified of each and everything came in English now. So I started studying and fortunately I got some cool friends who helped me a lot in mah studies and here the actual lyf began.

All those faces which were staring at each other became friends n now they were laughing at and with each other. And we were 7 in those all having different branches, different classes, different places, different religions but same thinking became good friends. Time always runs constantly, you can’t stop it, can’t make it fast or slow. My feelings were different; I was jus flying with time and those good friends which time has given to me. I was not attending classes now, each day we were having trips to different places, not thinking what’s gonna happen with my studies coz I had confidence in mah friends that we are gonna make it.

I can’t calculate how much I visited outside and having fun before mah college days but still I believe that it would be lesser than I did in those 4 years, in fact I can say I got real taste of lyf, that taste which wasn't having sour memories all I have is spicy and sweet.

And as time passed it was the time to say bye to each other as each one has a different direction to go. And though I came here in Bangalore to search where my destiny was. Searched for a job for approx 40 days and those were the most crazy and worst days of mah lyf I have ever seen. Finally got into this company and again some staring eyes, stranger's and an introvert guy, but this time it was very quick to talk with people and let people talk to me. Got some good friends again but don't have any number to say. We had good outings and a huge photography of each and every moment to catch. But stills m missing those days, Still tear comes when I think about those days, those friends, missing those moments when I had nothing but I had something and Now I have something better but I have nothing worst even. Working in this company from almost 1 yr but have nothing in my palms to show what I achieved more then an artificial smile on mah face and sum attitude.

And sitting in the corner of mah room m thinking about where that damm time is lost and the only thing came in mah mind is TIME MATTER's ..... Though we never care or cared about it.


  1. Bahot sahi likhe la hai bidu........! These feelings not only relate to you, But to me too.......thnx a lot man....!

  2. "time just like a winged thief" steals precious memories from us ..n forever they became the part of past.we keep on remeniscizing those good and bad days which we spent in company of our dear n near one's . but we can only feel and be happy or be sad.or we can learn from our past experiences