Sunday, September 13, 2009


Never Regret for something we have done because at one time we have done what we wanted most.....

Just Suppose......

I like a girl too much who is one of mah friend not even close but just friend. I am afraid to tell her that i like her coz I think that if she would not be liking me that it will be embarrassing for me but still I can't stop myself liking her.... one fine day I was not able to stop myself and I told her that I like her and here the main moment came....she didn't said anything but she said everything...after that she stopped taking calls, msgs and finally a deep silence with regretion .

I am always thinking why i have done this, it hurted her and me too. I can't do anything because that regretion will be running in my mind, my body language will show the same thing coz i lost that which i dreamt to achieve.

So here is the Regretion if we really cares.

People often do the things and than thinks ohh i made a mistake when they have no chance to improve the things. This is human nature, we always understand after the mistake but the thing is, did I really do the mistake? and if we just opposite the situation if she said to me that she also likes but she didn't tell, than i would be the happiest person and would think I made the right decision.

Now if we see in both cases the common thing is decision. The thing which effected me was the result, which might bring regretion or happiness.

if the result was not what we wanted than why there should be a regretion because at one time we have done what we wanted most.... so just live the life the way it is going, do whatever you want because time is not gonna come back for you and have a smiley on your face instead of sadness... :D :D

Just Remember : Never Regret for somthing we have done because at one time we have done what we wanted most.....

And now stop supposing things and don't kill me for this post......coz i do not have any Regretion coz i posted this one........hehehehhehehe


  1. I think this is the truth of Girsh but he just says it as "SUPPOSE".

  2. This really seems your true story some what coz still your expressions tell you are in great regrets what ever you had done in your past. And I have no regrets at all for posting this. Am I right Mr. GBH???

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  4. i agree wid d above 2 ;) hehe nd even i hve no regrets in posting dis...nice framing of thoughts nd a very creative nd evocative post

  5. thoughts...we all have em...what makes them more expressive is how we tell them (only if we want to). nice idea to pen down this feeling. I would suggest more organized and structured flow. Secondly, pls avoid lingos and shortcuts such as mah..etc as it gives a colloquial touch to the post.People see what you wrote...not what you feel :-)
    Otherwise...nice idea.keep writing....

  6. I agree with above.... avoid lingos... nice post... a true one!