Thursday, March 10, 2011

I lost you...

Yesterday night while seeing your pictures
I thought if I could hold you tight
Wanted real presence of yours
Which I could catch in my sight
A silent tear rolled out of my eyes
And I realised … I lost you

Regret is the only feeling which I feel everyday
Feelings which I have are not easy to say
The only thing I know I didn’t deserve this pain
I had something real which is flowing in my vein

My heart you took and broke it badly
Something which hurt me so deadly
I looked at your smiling face, tried out find out why
It was all I could do, to not to begin cry

While sleeping if look at the sky
I could make your picture and feel like cry
On bed I thought who is my best buddy?
Who do I love the most?
And I realised … I lost you

Feeling this much pain
Thought someone I could have
Who could feel me, make me laugh and smile
Walk with me for a longer mile
And I realised … I lost you


  1. Just loved it :)
    According to me it's your best poem I have ever read...
    Emotion and pain are coming very true..your each and every word is showing your inner pain...

    Nice write up :)

  2. So sad :'(
    Sadly beautiful poem :]

  3. Thanks Simran and Valli

    Keep reading few more are on the way :)

  4. very touching poem...liked it...
    keep writing...

  5. This is really heart touching... loved it!!

  6. Thanks guys for loving and liking it :)

  7. lovely poem! emotions flowing beautifully.