Monday, March 7, 2011

I miss old days...

I miss old days….
When everything was so easy
When we used to go for outings and never had a camera
Those fights to come in middle of picture
When rs 500 were enough to have a grand party

I miss old days…
When except exams there were no more tensions
When for a party we used to eat someone’s mind
When we jumped on each other within a single peg
When love was just another joke…

I miss old days…
When an 80cc bike was no lesser than hayabusa
When computer was only for movies and songs
When girls were just in late night discussions
When party meant to be whole night masti…

I never thought this day will come
So many cameras but none to fight
So many parties but no fun
So many friends but no one for you

I miss old days….when we lived the life…


  1. Oh!!
    Beautifully expressed..
    When we live these moments ,we did not know that we are making memories, that cherish us through out the whole life!

    Nice one..
    Keep Writing :)

  2. you beautifully captured the beautiful moments of life..... lovely..!!

  3. Thanks guys...I really miss those days :)