Monday, February 14, 2011

Because I love you...

Flawless tears ..with extreme pain..
Driving me somewhere…
Where I never wanted to be

I know I tried hard
May be I am not good at all
Or you are not supposed to be with me
But I really can’t help, Because I love you…
And there is a little heart
That is seriously hurt
And when each beat of it echo’s your name
It makes my brain restless
Seems like you reside in here
Tried every way to forget you
But I really can’t help, Because I love you…

If I give you a smile
You might think I am happy
The day you will feel the pain behind that
I believe you will be with me forever 
Just waiting for that day
I know you will understand one day
Because I love you...


  1. bhai good one..par itna dard kyun h is kavita sach sach bata..kya ho gaya...

  2. Beautiful poem !!
    Nicely described the pain of a lover when his/her love don't understand their feelings and emotions..and they keep on waiting for their acceptence someday!
    Loved the flow ...Keep Writing :)