Thursday, May 6, 2010

Desires Continues...!!

The other name of life is DESIRE. Desires make us breathe, impatient, stirring & keep operational.

We are human and every human being has so many desires, no one knows how many of those are going to get complete and how many are not to. We survive our existence with optimism and desperation towards our desires. We are living here on earth, where each individual is self-centred and hungry for there desires.

I am sitting at my chair and it is 4AM midnight, thinking about the life how it is changed completely but I do have a thing which is still the same and that thing is desire. Desire’s to achieve, Desire’s to win, Desire’s to Desire.

Not able to understand human nature. When I was small I had desire to come out from school, when I became quite younger I had desire to come out of the college and  I finally started my job but I still have desire to quit my job and do something else. Before celebrating the achievement of completion of one desire we will get another subsequent one. I don't understand why I get these and i am damm sure if I will quit my job and do something else, I will get some desire there too. 

If God really exists s/he must be laughing at our nature that how do we do and appeal again again and again to get fulfilled our silly desire's, matter of fact is we never say Thanks too :) until and unless we realize that it wasn't done by our own effort or we really didn't even deserve what we got.

Anyway even after knowing everything we can't rule anything. Even right now I have one strongest desire and I have a sense this is my last one ;) But who have seen the future.

Restless brain...Need some satisfaction...Need something badly...

"I wanna go there where no one has desires...Life is the greatest gift, wanna live it before it expires..." 

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