Sunday, May 16, 2010

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Why in this cruel world we never get the thing we desire most strongly. May be the reason is god always loves crying faces and falling tears. May be god always wanna be more and more powerful. He makes a person to cry, so people should come to him and pray something they desire, which increases the power of god. But god need to understand the more tears will come outside the more eyes will get dry and then there will be nothing named hope, wishes and happiness. And if he can not understand this then he does not deserved to be the GOD. May be god will be more happy that time. Wishing God to have the sad world to rule, stay happy and to be more powerful.  

The only thing we need to learn in our life is how to stay happy while you have nothing to stay happy or you have everything to stay happy.

The only thing which is constant in our whole life is Change. The sooner we will learn to accept changes the sooner we will learn to stay happy. So go ahead and accept the changes happily.

The only thing which will never leave us alone is our loneliness. People say that loneliness is the best friend too. So whenever you feel sad or hurt don’t share it with anyone just feel it when you are alone, May be it will be painful but it will lead you towards success and happiness.


  1. kya hua girish baabu... itna dukhi n pareshaan ku???? Share your griefs with ur frnds..they will remove it away and make u happy for everafter :)

  2. :) ..Mai to khush hi hu to kuch awaie hi wali thoughts thi....kuch likha hi nhi ja raha tha kal yahi sab likh dala... :(