Monday, April 11, 2011

Too scared and will always be…

I don't know what I felt
I don’t know why my heart melts
The first site of yours
Made my heartbeat crazy
And I got stuck with my life

Don’t know how come you meant everything to me
All it takes is hearing your name… a picture of yours
To make me fall in love again and again
To keep dreaming about you …about us

You talked to me was just a fluke
Loneliness with a broken heart was just a sequence
My tears never make much sound or you were too far to hear
Don’t know how I could continue

 How could I get the new life
Seeing you remind me you aren’t mine
But I will wipe you out of my heart
Trying this is the best I can

I will open my eyes again
Open my mind again
A new smile on my face
Just can’t open my heart again
Because I am too scared and will always be…


  1. nice composition girish.... the exact thought that i feel... it is very near to my heart... but alas!! i could not express it in my words.. n u did.. lol :) like it...

  2. it's nice...